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WORLDWIDE, over 122,000 pro-fessionals in 100 countries enjoy the benefits of CPA Australia membership. As a CPA Australia member, you gain instant recognition and professional credibility and international recognition as a (eader in finance, accounting and business by a number of accounting bodies worldwide.

The CPA Program is a world-class professional education programme for leadership careers in finance, accounting and business. Distinctively professional in orientation, it strategically integrates with university education in a vital continuum of learning for career success.

Providing a study of the professional attributes of ethics and integrity, CPA Program inducts graduates into the rewarding world of the practicing professional.

For many like Annabelle Tan who is currently pursuing the CPA Program, an internationally recognised qualification is a must in choosing the right course or academic programme. "Having graduated with a Bachelor of Business from an Australian university, the next step was to get an Australian certification. CPA Australia ’s international recognition was a deciding factor," said Tan, a senior associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The CPA Program locates professional accounting education within the contemporary and interconnected contexts of business strategy, decision-making and leadership, and corporate governance.

Recognising the need for mobility in the modern world of professional work, and understanding the competing demands of work and lifestyle choices, CPA Program is offered by educationally innovative and highly effective flexible learning technologies.

For Jason Ling, a senior manager at, the CPA Australia qualification is a necessary accreditation that has validated his standing in the profession. "I believe the CPA Australia qualification has opened doors which have brought me to where I am today," he said.

CPA Program is offered through distance learning, a flexible and accessible approach. Candidates must accept greater responsibility for the planning and assessment of their own learning.

The need for greater self-discipline and se~f-reIiance is in keeping with a professionai accountant ’s responsibility for ongoing self-development.

CPA Program candidates are required to study the course materials thoroughly and rigorously. While study is self-directed, a timetable is included to assist candidates plan a suitable schedule for the semester. Each segment offered is the equivalent of a one-semester postgraduate unit of study and contains selfassessment questions. Panels of professional specialists moderate the examination papers and monitor the marking procedures and making sure everything is of standard.

The CPA Program comprises six segments, three compulsory and three electives, all of which must be completed in six years. There are 10 electives from which you can choose the most advantageous to your career objectives.

It is structured and delivered to take full advantage of communications technology and provides maximum flexibility you can study anywhere in the world.

The only requirement is Internet access.

The segment manuals are self-contained and are integrated with learning aids.

To develop your knowledge and skills, the online learning features streaming video and audio for true on-demand access to workshops, an online diary! schedule containing up-to-the-minute course dates and exam locations which enable you to customise to your needs.

Examinations are held twice a year and may be taken at more than 240 locations around the world. All are three-hour open book exams to reflect actual work practices.

If you have an accredited degree with a major sequence in accounting, you may become an Associate member of CPA Australia. Accredited degrees are listed at Those with nonaccredited can have their qualifications assessed.

For more information on assessment, please visit osassess!.

There are two intakes a year for the CPA Program. For more information, email, call 03-2267 3388 or visit Suite 10.01, Level 10, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lu m Pu r.

CPA Australia will be located in Hall 2 (booths B093-094) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention during the Star Education Fair from Jan 10-IL

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