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Chart your future with a Monash Passport

MONASH University, one of the world ’s leading universities has introduced a bold new education system called the Monash Passport that offers not just prestigious degrees recognised around the world but also the opportunity for a rich experience where students earn their qualifications.

The Monash Passport showcases as our commitment to making an outstanding educational experience available to every student at Monash by bringing together the strengths of the Monash experience to enhance students ’ learning and life experiences at university.

With campuses in Australia, Asia and Africa and a university centre in Europe, Monash has a great tradition as Australia ’s leading international university and the Monash Passport unlocks new value from the University ’s remarkable international footprint.

It is vital to strive for excellence, but rare to achieve greatness in isolation: That is why we have drawn some of the best examples of teaching techniques around the world and also identified some of the finest technologicallyenabled e-learning opportunities to enhance outcomes for all students; That is why we have enshrined student choice at the centre of our education and provided environments that promote student excellence; That is why we will provide every Monash student with the opportunity to, make a tangible contribution to improving the world and have moved to integrate more of these sustainable activities in our curriculum; That is why we want more students to pursue research into the subjects that niakethem passionate and provided extra support, wider subject choice and scholarships as we strive to offer Australia ’s leading Honours programme; and That is why we will offer every Monash student an outstanding international experience through international curricula, better integration with offshore campuses and our international staff and students.

One feature of the Monash Passport is the focus on expanding students ’ study options through an improved Honours programme and the doubledegree.

About one in five Monash students take a double degree to broaden career options and knowledge. Importantly for many students, they can start working towards success in their chosen career in law, physiotherapy, medicine or engineering from day one.

Double degrees allow a student to enrol in two degrees simultaneously. By studying in two completely different fields students expand their skills-base and career prospects. It doesn ’t take twice as long; both degrees are studied concurrently.

The Monash Passport also aims to allow students to tap the Monash University network, which provides a wide range of student choice, across the world, accessible through a student mobility programme that sees over 300 Monash students from the Sunway campus opting to study up to two semesters at the Australian or South African campuses.

Similarly, more students from the Australian and South African campuses too are studying a part of their degree programmes at the Sunway campus each year.

Students from regional areas and disadvantaged backgrounds provide some of the Monash Passport ’s most inspiring success stories. Monash University provides more than A$30 million (RM75 million) annually in scholarships and bursaries to reward academic excellence as part of a commitment to foster and encourage achievement by students from all backgrounds.

These packages are among the most generous in Australia or Malaysia, and make the world of difference to recipients, some of whom would otherwise not gain a university education.

This year alone, Monash University ’s Sunway campus awarded 54 undergraduate and 16 postgraduate students with scholarships as recognition of their outstanding academic achievements. These students are among the hundreds of Sunway campus students who ’ve received scholarships to the campus, nrovidin~ them with the financial programme, for example, have significantly impacted the children with Cerebral Palsy they worked with by developing an integrated home-based therapy that will allow parents to support their children ’s development from home.

Next year, the campus will also host a major international conference of medical students who will meet to discuss the Aids epidemic at an event that is planned and wholly organised by students.

In another activity, students and staff from the campus travelled to a remote village in northern Malaysia to carry out an English language programme for rural children.

The Sunway campus also reaches out to the local communities through other programmes, such as an annual science workshop that brings secondary students from all over Malaysia to learn about scientific research and its application.

Another feature of the Monash Passport is offering undergraduates the opportunity to get early exposure to research projects during their first degree.

From archaeological and geological field trips, to cataloguing plants in the wetlands of Malaysia, to medical research projects in the laboratories of some of the world ’s finest biotechnology experts, there are many inspiring opportunities for research. ~upport needed to complete their tertiary education.

The campus provides students with entrance scholarships to facilitate the start of their tertiary education at Monash, merit scholarships to those who excel, honours scholarships, and postgraduate scholarships that include a small stipend for expenses.

Monash staff and students have been engaged in a range of volunteer work for decades. The Monash Passport draws on that experience to provide every student with the opportunity to take direct action to engage in voluntary projects, often as part of their study programme. In addition to being a powerful learning tool, direct action programmes enable students to develop skills such as negotiation, teamwork and analysis critical to any future career.

Volunteering is a strong part of the student ethos at Monash University. At the Malaysian campus, the volunteering activity carried out by the campus community ranges from Community Based Practice programmes at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, to English language workshops and community work.

The Year Two medical students participating in the Community Based Practice AtMonash the highest research standards are set by teachers, lecturers and supervisors.

Monash University academic Dr Catherine Yule is encouraging her students to learn by exploring the world around them and now she has been rewarded for her work.

Dr Yule has taken her lessons in biology and ecology at the Sunway campus of Monash University in Malaysia out of the lecture halls and into the forests and wetlands of the region, to show students first-hand the impact of climate change on fragile ecosystems.

Dr Yule has introduced more than 1000 students to rainforests, coral reefs and even a turtle sanctuary, and said for many the experiences are life-changing.

"The enthusiasm that these field trips instill in students helps them evolve as scientists and transforms them," Dr Yule said.

The Monash Passport means exploring new possibilities and learning on a global scale.

It gives Monash graduates an international perspective that stays with them for life, shaping their career, acac~emic achievement and personal and professional growth.

For more information on the Monash Passport experience, please visit our website at, e-mail, or call 03-5514 6000.

The Monash Passport means exploring new possibilities and learning on a global scale. It gives Monash graduates an international perspective that stays with them for life, shaping their career, academic achievement and personal and professional growth.

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